The Delicious

by R. Klanten (Editor), Giulia Pines (Editor), Sven Ehmann (Editor)
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Whether it’s being eaten, cooked, grown,

prepared, or cultivated, food is today’s hottest

topic. Its many facets spur our interest,

arouse our passion, and provide us with

pure pleasure. Regional cuisines are becoming

more dynamic ―even well beyond the

areas where they originated. Vacations

make impressions on our taste buds that

are further developed at home. In addition

to local delicacies, specialty markets

are offering more and more international

treats. Cooking classes serve as creative

meeting points, market halls are becoming

weekend travel destinations, and supper

clubs are experiencing a growing popularity.

Culinary magazines, special interest

publications, and blogs are further fueling

the current enthusiasm for food.

Against this background, The Delicious

takes readers on a mouth-watering visual

journey to discover what’s cooking around

the world. It compiles developments in

today’s new food culture, such as health

conscious cafeterias, contemporary fast

food, and restaurants with cutting-edge

ideas, as well as innovative catering and

culinary events both public and private.

From experimental new dishes to modern

interpretations of familiar classics, the featured

examples will give readers new perspectives

and inspire them to broaden their

food horizons.

Are they still making traditional pizza

and pasta in Italy? What’s happening in

Balkan cuisine? How should you prepare a

roast these days? What about new energy

smoothies or super-food products that are

based on the traditions of tribes who lived

in harmony with nature? The answers to all

of these questions and more are explored

in The Delicious. Other topics include inspirations

from Korea and Chile, a Slow Food

week in Tel Aviv, a gourmet shuttle through

Helsinki, eating lotus blossoms and scorpions

in China, trying freshly smoked fish,

cooking turnips over a camp fire on the

field where they were harvested, and learning

how to preserve stone fruits just like

our grandparents once did.

The book introduces pioneers, traditionalists,

and entrepreneurs who are enriching

the culinary world with their concepts.

It also focuses on local cultivation and

environmentally responsible distribution

to support sustainability and ensure

the quality of meat and vegetables. In The

Delicious, everything is possible, everything

is delectable, and everything promises full